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Buying real estate can be an overwhelming experience.  You've finally found the property that you like but what's next?  Paradigm Mortgage and Property Solutions, LLC is a full-service mortgage and loan company located in Houston, Texas, and serving the entire State of Texas.  At Paradigm, we are committed to helping you assess your needs and advising you on the right product for you. We’ll help you determine your eligibility, offer you options, and help you find the right loan to fit your needs with the best possible interest rate available.  Call us today for a free credit assessment and determination to learn what your options are.   


Additionally, if you are having trouble paying your existing mortgage or are "underwater" with your mortgage, we can help.  We offer refinance programs to try to get a better deal than what you have currently.






Residential.  At Paradigm, we started as consumers and investors.  We take pride in finding funding solutions to most situations by offering every type of loan from conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, construction loans, refinance options, and subprime for your homestead (primary property) to hard money, commercial and portfolio loans for investors.  We can help people with bad, good, and great credit scores ranging from 500 through the 800s, and we offer programs with only 1% down payment needed.  If you want to own a home, we can make it happen!  GIve us a call today to get started and the best interest rate available.


Commercial.  Having invested in numerous commercial projects ourselves, Paradigm Mortgage and Property Solutions understand the commercial lending market very well. Paradigm Mortgage and Property Solutions have teamed up with a number of local and national banks and institutions that are able to make decisions quickly to get you the funding you need to close the deal. 

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